Zip Around in Style with the Eli Zero

Zip Around in Style with the Eli Zero

Published: March 29, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

Interest in electric vehicle technology seems to be exploding. The newest vehicle to hit the market is the Eli Zero, a uniquely light and inexpensive conveyance designed for city driving.

The Eli Zero is a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV), meaning it was designed with shorter trips in mind, in especially, but not limited to, an urban context. The founder of Eli, Marcus Li, came up with the idea for the Zero while studying architecture in NYC.

Since then, the car has zoomed from concept to reality; it is now a two-person vehicle, with a bit of trunk space as well. Featuring a high-tensile aluminum frame, the base package for the small car weighs just 877 pounds.

The base model features a 55-mile range and a 25-MPH top speed; the Plus edition extends that to 85 miles. Power is provided by a Samsung lithium battery pack that’ll charge at home in 6 hours, using a regular outlet.

A vehicle Management System, electromagnetic brakes, a tiltable sunroof, cruise control, and an anti-theft motor-locking system make for a safe and enjoyable driving experience with the Eli Zero. The intelligent car can also recognize when its owner is near and unlock the doors.

Eli is accepting pre-orders now at a discounted rate of $7,700. Once the Eli Zero becomes available, it is expected to start at $9,900.

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