Porsche Covers Many Bases With Mission E Cross Turismo

Porsche Covers Many Bases With Mission E Cross Turismo

Published: March 17, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

It looks like a crossover, a little. Like a shooting brake, a little. It’s a tourer, a family car, and a performance ride in the EV idiom. Porsche really covered all the bases with the Mission E Cross Turismo concept.

A crouching mountain lion of an EV—just shy of 195 inches in length—the Mission E Cross Turismo has a front end that vaguely cites a couple of great moments in Porsche history, and a back that slopes away in the manufacturer’s currently preferred style for SUV and crossover design language. The nose is suitably but fairly subtly contemporary, with a pair of air intakes squirreled away in half-hidden niches, and a sculpted bumper.

Some of the embellishments aren’t quite as appealing, and the car does look a little like it may have been rushed a bit to meet the deadline for its debut in Geneva this month. But, the model will have power to thrill; the company states that the two motors will deliver over 600 horsepower, and propel the model to sixty in 3.5 seconds. And a full charging may be delivered in as little as fifteen minutes, pretty darn good time for a 249-mile range. Highlights of the E Cross Turismo’s architecture include adaptive suspension, AWD steering, and active anti-roll bars.

And, plenty of luggage space. Target: family, with a mom and dad who enjoy a little recreational driving now and again. Not that it won’t be appealing to adventurous singles.

Porsche is floating the concept for now. Feedback will determine whether or not the model enters production in the next few years.

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