Swedish Brand ‘Voice’ Launches Line of Home Furniture Essentials

Swedish Brand ‘Voice’ Launches Line of Home Furniture Essentials

Published: February 24, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

Move over, Ikea. Swedish home furniture company Voice has just introduced a new collection of fundamental furniture pieces with heaps of form-via-function appeal.

The line is intended to refine the modern home, and takes inspiration from the idea of a “basics” wardrobe in fashion. Similar to a great black T-shirt, the furniture items fill a practical need without sacrificing on style, while neatly avoiding pretense. Words and phrases associated here? Easy-to-use. Functional. Durable. Minimalist. Contemporary bohemian.

The range was imagined by Mattias Stenberg to be as comprehensive as it is understated: it includes nearly every essential furniture item necessary for outfitting a contemporary dwelling. There’s considerable intelligence and grace in the line; attention to detail sets these items apart from mass-produced alternatives.

The collection includes five of Stenberg’s designs, in addition to pieces from London design studio Cate & Nelson, and an item from Swedish designer Nina Jobs. Two of Stenberg’s most striking notions? An upholstered daybed with a stool, and a ’60s-inspired cabinet in American ash. Cate & Nelson are behind the wall-mounted shelf-system, while Nina Jobs designed the beautiful stand-alone transparent shelf, Tre.

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