Disney CEO Bob Iger Sells Fifth Ave Condo for $18.8M

Disney CEO Bob Iger Sells Fifth Ave Condo for $18.8M

Published: February 10, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

After six months on the market, Disney CEO Bob Iger has finally seen his full-floor unit in Manhattan’s 1125 Fifth Avenue building off into the sunset. Iger accepted an offer of $18.75 million for the property, and stuck to his $19 million initial listing price the entire time the apartment remained on the market.

1125 Fifth Avenue, one of the more famous residential buildings in the city, is situated in the Historic District, and dates to 1925. It contains just 18 apartments. Bette Midler owns the triplex penthouse; previous tenants include Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The building is ideally located, and features spectacular view of central park. It was designed by Emery Roth.

Iger’s now-former unit occupied the seventh floor of the co-op. The 11-room unit contains five bedrooms and five baths. Interiors are highlighted by inlaid oak floors in a herringbone pattern, and a layout that begins with a grand gallery giving way to expansive common living spaces and a wood-paneled library.

The unit’s interior design is minimally ornamented, but far from terse. The kitchen employs cottage and farmhouse tropes capped with a sheen of high-end surface, and, like the rest of the unit, shies away from extroversion. A pair of fireplaces add a little overt charm, but the location, both geographical and residential, is allowed to carry the day. Not much embellishment needed, really.

Iger, one of the top-five highest-paid executives in the country, took CEO position at Disney in 2005. His annual pay has been in the neighborhood of $40 million in recent years, but a new employment agreement could see him receive as much as $142 million in stock.

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