BMW Ups the Ante With M5 Competition Package

BMW Ups the Ante With M5 Competition Package

Published: February 10, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

BMW might just steal a little limelight from the E63 S with the news of its new M5 Competition Package. The newest M5 is tuned to best the competing Mercedes-AMG model by stressing that simple number that has come to represent performance in a luxury sedan: the horsepower rating.

The already impressive 600-hp M5 will gain 25 extra horses with the Competition Package upgrade. The super-powered luxury sedan’s tune-up will make it more powerful than the Mercedes-AMG E63 S. However, it is possible that the vehicle will boast carbon brakes, which could discourage some purchasers.

There’s more to the story than a little more muscle and ceramic brakes, of course. BMW has quasi-leaked a few more informational tidbits about the package, which was announced last September. New details about the model variation include notable upgrades, including updated dynamics and new wheels, and a bevy of package-specific cosmetic flourishes. BMW will tell all, though, when the car is unveiled in Geneva next month.

Production on BMW’s M5 Competition Package will begin in April at the automaker’s Dingolfing plant.

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