Boulder Cabin by Dynia Architects

Boulder Cabin by Dynia Architects

Published: February 4, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

Boulder Cabin, Colorado. Dynia Architects.

“This 2,500 square foot residence sits atop a precipice with views to the metropolitan Denver valley to the east and the iconic Flatiron peaks to the west. The interior spaces are austere, reflecting the disciplined lifestyle of the homeowners.

The two sides of this linear scheme respond independently to the site conditions. The east has a high band of glass for morning light infiltration, with a thick zone of storage, including custom built-in shelving, below. Dividing the storage areas, intermittent windows provide views to the entry court and distant city. Upon entering the home from the east, amazing mountain peaks are revealed. Sliding glass panels extend the length of the house embracing the unencumbered mountain views on the west side of the structure.

For this residence, simplicity and restraint are the innovation. Led by a desire for economy and sustainability, materials are limited to wood structure and ceilings, concrete floors, and weathering steel cladding. The roof extension provides sun shading for the west facing glass and shelter for the terrace.

Embedded in Boulder’s culture is a strong consideration for the environment. The owners hold to these principles and supported the efforts to quietly place the house within the site, minimize the need for energy, and minimize material waste. The house size is well below the allowable area on the 35-acre property and special attention was paid to the landscape during construction – it immediately re-vegetated with native wildflowers and grasses. The house’s modest form and palate of materials place it unpretentiously within its surroundings, allowing the natural environment to carry the day.”

Photo credit: Ron Johnson

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