Samsung’s Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8+ Pack Some Serious Punch

Samsung’s Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8+ Pack Some Serious Punch

Published: January 1, 2018 | By: American Luxury Staff

For the coming model year, Samsung is adding a pair of mid-range smartphones to its lineup: the Galaxy A8 and A8+. The model borrows design features and tech from the company’s flagship phone, the Galaxy S8, including the desirable Infinity Edge screen.

The A8 and A8+ models also incorporate a pair of lenses for the front camera to allow for self-portraiture, a feature the S8 does not sport; the upcoming S9, however, which will be released by the Korean tech giant next year, is widely believed to feature the same dual-lens design. This is SOP marketing for the company: the two new mid-level phones provide a new product to hold company position between flagships, and the dual-lens design keeps the Galaxy series relevant in terms of that specific feature. The S9, however, will probably feature a dual-lens camera on both front and back, while the more cost-conscious A8 models do not.

Other features on the new smartphones include IP68-certified dust and water resistance, Differences between the A8 and A8+ appear to begin and end with screen size, storage, and battery life; the A8+ measures in at six inches, four-tenths of an inch larger than the A8, may be optioned with an additional 2 GB of RAM, and boasts a 3500mAh capacity over the A8’s 3000. Both phones offer the same chipset, with a top processing speed of 2.2 GHz. Other features include a fingerprint sensor, VR-compatibility, and fast-charging.

No word as of yet from Samsung regarding U.S. pricing for the models. The phones will be available this January.

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