The Saleen S7 Supercar Is Back with a $1M,  1,300-HP Le Mans Update

The Saleen S7 Supercar Is Back with a $1M, 1,300-HP Le Mans Update

Published: December 26, 2017 | By: American Luxury Staff

News from Saleen in the past few months has been coming thick and fast. The company that at one time specialized solely in souping up Mustangs has a new sport truck on the way, as well as a flashy entry-level supercar, the S1, which owner and resident visionary Steve Saleen showed off at the L.A. Auto Show just three weeks ago.

As for the legendary S7 supercar, it’s been more than fifteen years since that marvel first took to the road—and the brutally gifted S7R first rumbled around a competition track—and a lot has happened in the interim. In 2013, the company went public. A year later the company announced its plans to build a full line of cars and expand its market to China, where an affiliate company—Jiangsu Saleen Automotive—will begin production. And, the new line includes an electric car to compete with Tesla; the all-electric rocket may be called the S7E. But, that is surmise at this point.

What is not surmise is the company’s latest news: the very, very limited production of an S7 revision, the S7 Le Mans. Very limited means seven examples, and they will be the first S7s to roll off the line since Saleen ceased production of the model in 2009.

Highlights of the S7 LM include a massive increase in horsepower: 1300 versus the original S7’s 550. The engine is essentially the same—a 7L V8—but a pair of turbochargers amps up the power.

The S7 LM looks much the same as the classic, which is good news for those who missed out the first time around. And, it allows Saleen to express the S7’s body language—which was so strikingly individual—one more time.

The price, however, has changed somewhat from the last decade: it’s increased more than twofold. The S7 LM will run you $1 million.

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