Gerard Butler’s High-Concept Chelsea Duplex is on the Market for $6M

Gerard Butler’s High-Concept Chelsea Duplex is on the Market for $6M

Published: December 5, 2017 | By: American Luxury Staff

Gerard Butler listed his postmodern phantasmagoria of an apartment in Manhattan’s Chelsea district this week. The star of ‘London has Fallen’ and ‘300’ is asking $5.995 million for the duplex, a 3,150 square-foot residence situated in a repurposed 7-story industrial building dating to 1909.  He purchased the unit in 2004, for $2.6 million, and began the lengthy and pricey renovation.

As it stands, the post-renovation loft is a potent statement, a stylistically hyper-engineered upscale environ designed by interiors guru Elvis Restaino. The outcome is an interesting amalgam of rough-hewn new world, grandiose old world, industrial, a dash of wilderness: poured concrete, weathered wood, fundamental utility and high culture are all referenced here. Sprinkled throughout the home are plants, adding a little wildness to the vision.

There’s a lot of Hollywood in the design approach—Restaino made his name designing in that context—but the result makes no bones about the engineering behind the surface. It’s intended to be flashy and impressive, and that’s exactly how it comes across. It’s a very fine example of pastiche, managing to conflate and pack a lengthy timeline into a duplex loft apartment, and evoke a sense of world-weariness that borders on cinematic post-apocalyptic. And it’s all quite tongue-in-cheek, which is why it works. It probably would’ve made Andy Warhol very happy to be a guest here for a few days.

Details and materials include: 11’ mahogany doors, weathered plaster walls, various and sundry crystal chandeliers, tile, frescoes, a second floor dedicated to the master suite, and a home theater in the midst of it all.

Butler’s upcoming big screen appearances include the lead in next year’s ‘Hunter Killer.’ The action film will find the Scot in impressive international company: Willem Dafoe, Gary Oldman, and Michael Nyqvist—who recently passed away, and far too young—also star in the movie.

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