Elvis Presley’s Mid-Century Honeymoon Hideout in Palm Springs Lists for $5.9M

Elvis Presley’s Mid-Century Honeymoon Hideout in Palm Springs Lists for $5.9M

Published: November 19, 2017 | By: American Luxury Staff

Elvis and Cilla’s Palm Springs ‘Honeymoon House’ has re-emerged on the open market. The home was occupied by the King and his new bride Priscilla from 1966 into 1967 on a rental basis. In 2017, it is being offered at $5.9 million.

The house dates to the early 1960’s, and reflects the sci-fi and Sputnik orbiting in the collective consciousness of the era as well as the evolution of the modern style. It was photographed for Look magazine and featured across eight pages in a 1962 issue; the piece proclaimed it ‘the house of tomorrow.’

The home was originally built by Palm Springs construction magnate Bob Alexander as a personal residence; Alexander and his father brought modernist architecture to Palm Springs, virtually defining the city’s new identity as it grew rapidly into an influential desert community. It was intended to be a statement for the Alexander family and the Alexander business, and it became just that. Until Elvis moved in.

The home measures about 5,000 square feet. It was designed by architect William Krisel, who used the circle as the central motif: cycle and certainty, allowing the roof to extend into wings in an acute representation of freedom. Within, the home is marked by the same intoxicating sense of optimism; the living room’s composition is anchored around a sixty-four foot sofa that traces the outer border of the room. The kitchen’s stove-top island, with electric cooking elements arranged in a broad arc and a circular hood, has been preserved. But the center of the home is the common area, making the house a powerful social instigator. There are four bedrooms and five baths overall.

The home’s exterior features a series of raised, circular steps, and its acre of grounds incorporates a beach-entry pool and a tennis court. The landscaping presents the home as an oasis, with water features and lush flora surrounding the house.

Elvis and Priscilla Presley married in 1967. The couple divorced in 1973.


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