Jennifer Lopez Lists Block-Long Penthouse in Manhattan’s Whitman for $27M

Jennifer Lopez Lists Block-Long Penthouse in Manhattan’s Whitman for $27M

Published: October 12, 2017 | By: American Luxury Staff

Jennifer Lopez has listed her penthouse at The Whitman with a $26.95 million asking price.

The apartment is the premier property in the building, and the only unit for sale at the moment in the luxury condominium conversion. The Whitman dates to the mid 1920s, and was recast as an upscale residence containing a handful of units that each stretch the length of a city block. Its new identity is the work of architect Jeffrey Cole.

The penthouse offered by Lopez characterizes the stunning sense of scale in the building’s four residences. Ceilings that extend beyond the 12’ point enhance the effect. Interior architecture is heavily stylized contemporary; the ceilings, for example, present a modern twist on coffering, or refine exposed beams in slick white sheathing. But the extent of the light and space, combined with an Eastern-inflected aesthetic, define the residence.

It’s a tremendously optimistic statement, and a well-balanced execution, one that manages to incorporate warm and naturalistic design elements seamlessly with more cerebral angularity. The staircase is a standout in the design vision, beginning with a leaden series of stone steps before releasing into mid-toned hardwood treads. Floor to ceiling fanlight-capped windows add a dash of the traditional, allowing the building its historic identity while flooding the 45’-long great room with natural light. The minimalist kitchen dazzles, opting for charm over postmodern sterility.

A duplex apartment, the penthouse measures in at a whisker shy of 6,550 square feet; there are four bedrooms and six baths throughout, and fifteen rooms overall. Outdoor living spaces extend the total living area to nearly 10,000 square feet.

Other past or present residences of the small Whitman community include Chelsea Clinton and company, and derivatives specialist John Silvetz.

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