McLaren and Specialized Offer New HP Bike: the $11.5K S-Works Roubaix

McLaren and Specialized Offer New HP Bike: the $11.5K S-Works Roubaix

Published: September 25, 2017 | By: American Luxury Staff

Luxury automakers have recently taken to building high-end racing bikes, and McLaren hasn’t been remiss in offering their own. And, recently, the English exotic automaker introduced a new special edition bicycle.

McLaren partnered with Specialized Components to create the Specialized McLaren S-Works Roubaix. This isn’t the first bike to emerge out of collaboration between McLaren and Specialized: a few years ago, they presented riders with the Venge, a high-performance racing ride with an improved carbon frame, and other models followed.

Designed to honor McLaren’s 50th anniversary of Grand Prix racing, the Heritage Orange finish is the same color McLaren’s 1966 race cars sported. Even the leather bar tape has the same Heritage Orange contrast stitching. In addition to the unique appearance, the special edition bike boasts custom Roval CLX 32 carbon-fiber wheels and an ultra-light frame made from FACT 11r carbon fiber.

Both brands’ superior design backgrounds factor into the Roubaix’s look and construction. As with previous collaboration projects between the two companies, the result is pricey: the Specialized McLaren S-Works Roubaix may be your for $11,500.

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