Ariel Motor Teases the Head-Turning Electric ‘Hipercar’ with 1,180-HP

Ariel Motor Teases the Head-Turning Electric ‘Hipercar’ with 1,180-HP

Published: September 12, 2017 | By: American Luxury Staff

As EV technology continues to gain momentum, examples of the concept EV hypercar are beginning to multiply. This latest is one of the more interesting examples of what happens when imagination, love of driving, and futuristic powertrain technology intersect.

Ariel Motor Company hasn’t officially named its electric vehicle, so for now, it goes by Hipercar, a labored acronym for “High-Performance Carbon Reduction.” While it could take until the end of the decade for the electric car to enter production, the details of the unique electric drivetrain are worth perusing in the present.

The Hipercar’s drivetrain features a microturbine range extender, a gas-powered gadget that allows Hipercar to run as worry-free as a pure EV. The microturbine is gas-powered, but highly efficient, and ensures drivers won’t wind up stranded. Four small motors make up the all-wheel-drive version, while the two-wheel-drive iteration still offers plenty of power with 590 hp.

However, between the advanced range and a light aluminum chassis, the all-wheel-drive Hipercar will be able to produce 1,180 bhp. This power equates to a zero-to-62 mph leap of just 2.4 seconds and a top speed of 160 mph.

Ariel Motor is planning for a full reveal in 2019 with sales starting in 2020.

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