German Tuners Novitec Push the McLaren 570GT to Its Limits

German Tuners Novitec Push the McLaren 570GT to Its Limits

Published: August 4, 2017 | By: American Luxury Staff

Novitec has a little history where McLaren is concerned: the German tuning shop known for their expertise with Ferraris unveiled a tuning package for the 570S last year, a package which transforms the car into an even more beautiful—and of course much faster—machine. The 570S package is a comprehensive refinement treatment that includes, among other components, a carbon fiber full body kit, an exhaust system, and a power kit which extends the horsepower rating from the 3.8L twin-turbo V8 from 560 to 640.

Novitec can also give the 540C a going over, and now they’re adding the 570GT to the list as well. The 570GT is priced and targeted to people looking for a daily-driver supercar along the lines of the Porsche 911, and is an entry-level model like its sibling and cousin. Novitec’s packages ensure that, should an upgrade to McLaren 650S-like specs be desired down the road by an owner of a 570GT or S, or 540C, they will have an option other than trading up.

Novitec’s power kit for the 570GT brings the V8’s horsepower rating to 640—identical to the tuned 570S—which is about 75 horsepower over and above the production version of the GT. The top speed of the refined car is 208 MPH. It is able to launch to 62 in exactly three seconds. Novitec employs its proprietary N-Tronic ECU modules for a more hyper-engineered response to fuel delivery.

The exhaust gets an upgrade, of course; customers may choose between stainless and Inconel. Wheel size is brought up to 20” in the front, with an extra inch of height for the back, and the suspension is dropped over an inch. The aerodynamic kit specific to the GT brings a host of carbon fiber components into the mix, including a new front and rear spoiler.

Cabin cosmetics aren’t left out by Novitec, either. Interior customizations offered include a full breadth of colors for leather and Alcantara.

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