With 772 HP, Novitec’s Ferrari 488 N-Largo Edition Is an Even Brawnier Prancing Horse

With 772 HP, Novitec’s Ferrari 488 N-Largo Edition Is an Even Brawnier Prancing Horse

Published: June 7, 2017 | By: American Luxury Staff

If you’re curious about what a tuner can do for a Ferrari 488, have a look at what German company Novitec does with the 2017 iteration. Many readers will know that Novitec earned its reputation as a specialist in the field of Ferrari-improvement (a niche business if ever there was one), and will adjust their expectations accordingly, especially if they’ve seen the 2016 488 Spider Novitec put through its treatment last year. Fear not, though, the results are still noteworthy, even for those familiar.

The tuner’s revision comes as a wide-body kit, and drivetrain adjustment; the wide-body kit focuses hard on aerodynamics, and the engine tuning turns the Ferrari 488 driving experience into an even more acute pastime. The body widening is achieved through a larger set of front fenders, which add a little over two and three-quarters inches to the front end. Airflow is improved via a front spoiler with fins to channel air. Larger side vents, and vents incorporated into a new set of rocker panels, a rear bumper and diffuser, and a rear wing spoiler also help with stability and agility at higher speeds.

The car’s drivetrain gets upgrades for the engine control unit software, a sport exhaust system, and changes to the 488’s boost pressure control. All of which helps the Novitec-tuned car to reach a horsepower rating of 772, with 658 pound-feet of torque on tap. Novitec is proud to announce that the revisions bring the car to a 0-60 time of just 2.8 seconds, and a top speed of 213 MPH.

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