Vanmoof Studied the Megacity to Come up with the Perfect E-Bike

Vanmoof Studied the Megacity to Come up with the Perfect E-Bike

Published: May 31, 2017 | By: American Luxury Staff

Vanmoof‘s new E-bike has hit the market, and it bears a number of unique features. For starters, the Electrified X Smart Bike perfectly blends Japanese style with the precision of Dutch design. The result is a unique-looking two-wheeler that defies conventional style in favor of broad-spectrum utilitarianism.

The new model debuted in Japan, as it’s ideal for commuting the congested lanes of Tokyo. Designed specifically for the megacity, it’s crafted to elude bike thieves, navigate traffic jams, and provide riders variably power and speed options. The bike is outfitted with a two-speed transmission.

The Electrified X features an impressive range of up to 75 miles on a single 6-hour battery charge. Thanks to a 250-watt motor, the electric bike can even reach speeds as fast as 22 mph, although speed is limited for the Japanese model.

In addition to speed, the bike features a keyless dashboard that recognizes its owner for easy unlocking. If stolen, it does have tracking technology so the rider can reconnect with their bike. The company guarantees a stolen bike will be returned within two weeks; they will replace the unit otherwise.

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