Beauty for a Cause: Montblanc’s $10K UNICEF Solitaire Skeleton Pen

Beauty for a Cause: Montblanc’s $10K UNICEF Solitaire Skeleton Pen

Published: May 31, 2017 | By: American Luxury Staff

The new Montblanc x UNICEF Solitaire Skeleton Fountain Pen is now available for $10,000.

The pen features a brushed, platinum-coated body, a gold nib with rhodium plating, and an individual serial number.

What makes Montblanc’s new creation special, though, is the fact that it represents the company’s partnership with UNICEF: the luxury brand is helping to support learning opportunities for more than 5 million children across the world, and sales of the pen contribute to the cause.

The Meisterstück UNICEF Solitaire Skeleton 149 Fountain Pen is made from blue precious resin and utilizes ink bottle refills, not cartridges. Boasting a platinum-plated skeleton cage covering the barrel and an 18-karat gold nib, every part of the writing instrument is luxurious.

Honoring the brand’s partnership, the body of the pen features the engraved UNICEF design. The single blue sapphire directly above the clip also pays homage to the charity organization.

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