‘Simpsons’ Writer-Producer Matt Selman Drops $5.1M on PacPal Contemporary

Published: May 24, 2017 | By: American Luxury Staff

Matt Selman, a regular writer for ‘The Simpsons,’ recently picked up this nice little home near PacPal. Selman paid a little less than $5.1 million for the property.

The contemporary-style home dates to 2014; its exterior design employs a dramatic pair of intersection rooflines, giving it a distinctly 1970’s look.

Inside, the house is open, bright, and nicely balanced. It’s constructed around a courtyard alcove, which is tiled with natural stone; the pattern is picked up in the living room fireplace. There’s a huge amount of glass, giving the home the sense of transparency and continuation which makes this style so evergreen, and wildly popular still.

Otherwise, there are many familiar elements, nicely executed. Floors are mid-toned hardwood, light fixtures are generally understated, and here and there a recessed or pocket ceiling gives the eye a little treat, and lends a little easy liberation to the sense of space. On the second floor, the roofline lends its influence inside, bringing some of that drama to the office and master suite.

The house measures about 4,700 square feet, and contains five bedrooms and 5.5 baths. The master bath has heated floors, and a spa tub. There is a balcony off the master bedroom, with a good view of the foothills. A second-floor terrace staircase leads down to ground level, and a side-by-side tennis court and pool.

Selman got his start as a writer for ‘Seinfeld’; he became a writer for ‘The Simpsons’ a year later, and has contributed award-winning episodes to the long-running series in the years since.

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