Rezvani’s 2018 Beast Alpha Starts at $95K

Rezvani’s 2018 Beast Alpha Starts at $95K

Published: May 24, 2017 | By: American Luxury Staff

After making a splash in Los Angeles last November with its Beast Alpha, Rezvani has switched gears a little bit. Revealing the Alpha as a $200K small-builder supercar was a slick bit of engineered exposure, setting itself up as an alternative to the mighty McLaren 570. A tall order, but everyone loves a new underdog.

But, in a return to the pragmatic side of making cars, which is making money, the Irvine-based company has splintered the original offering into a $95K base model with a series of options that will allow buyers to purchase a vehicle more or less powerful and tricked out than the show car from last fall. Pricing will be similar, in the end, for an ‘original’ Beast Alpha, but the road to arrival becomes more complex.

The original engine, gearbox, brakes, adjustable suspension, and leather interior are some of the new options that had, only a few months ago, been standard issue. The engine, in particular, a Honda I4 design called the K24, gave last fall’s Alpha Beast a nice, round 500 horsepower, propulsion indeed for a car weighing in at under a ton.

The $95K base model brings the horsepower down to 400 from a supercharged engine. The Beast Alpha X, with a base price of $159K, tops out at 525 horsepower. There is a Beast X model as well, which brings the horsepower up to 700 and the weight down to 1800 pounds, and starts at $270K.

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