Nowboat Makes Chartering a Boat Easier than Ever

Nowboat Makes Chartering a Boat Easier than Ever

Published: April 28, 2017 | By: American Luxury Staff

For the impromptu cruise vacation, there is a way to enjoy a waterborn vacation experience with a simplified charter process. Called Nowboat, the service is sort of like for yachts, and allows a quick and easy method of setting up a recreational seagoing excursion.

All of the services provided by Nowboat are personally vetted by the company, which offers its services in more than 50 countries.

Nowboat features trips such as a One-Day Private Charter in Hong Kong, the Bike & Boat on Board of Ave Maria in Lombardy, Italy, 14 Days in the Antarctic Circle in Argentina, and the Ferretti 94 in Florida, USA.

The above listed are just a few favorites of Nowboat founder Giovanni Alessi Anghini.

“We now work with more than 300 charter agencies,” Anghini said about Nowboat. “We offer more than 1000 adventures around the world. 900 more operators have registered on Nowboat who are being vetted—a process that includes checking insurance, how contracts are handled, and listings. The number of adventures they will have to offer in the coming months is huge.”

Nowboat is not a charter agency, but rather is a centralized solution for charter agencies: they may maximize customer offerings, and be exposed to more business and revenue, all for a 10-percent fee. For customers, Nowboat represents an easy survey of available options.


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