‘Mizu’ Is a Bold, Retro-Futurist Desk Limited to Nine Examples

‘Mizu’ Is a Bold, Retro-Futurist Desk Limited to Nine Examples

Published: April 27, 2017 | By: American Luxury Staff

Italian furniture brand Fratelli Reifer Custom is offering a handcrafted desk with a uniquely fluid design. The office furniture is made using 10 single sheets of pressed wood that are bent into a natural-looking, three-dimensional shape. The result conjures Eastern design philosophies, which champion flow and interplay.

Dubbed Mizu, the table is 13 feet long and made its debut at the 2017 Milan Design Week. The Brixen-based brand will only make nine examples of the piece; it may suggest elegant simplicity, but it’s difficult to manufacture.

Fratelli Reifer Custom used Canaletto Walnut in 10 single layers to complete the table. A simple 30-degree angle flows between the wave-like seat, workstop, and legs, all from one single surface.

An added benefit, the MIZU table boasts easy connectability: USB charging outlets and power outlets are incorporated within the design, and housed in a solid wood drawer.

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