For $1.6M, You Can Buy an Italian Supercar with a Built-in Aquarium

For $1.6M, You Can Buy an Italian Supercar with a Built-in Aquarium

Published: April 27, 2017 | By: American Luxury Staff

Finally, a truly exotic car: the Frangivento Asfané Charlotte. Well, it depends on how you stock the aquarium in the back, we suppose. Start with a couple of the rarer Cichlids. That’d be pretty exotic.

The Frangivento Asfané Charlotte roadster isn’t all novelty, though. Have a look at the ‘standard’ Asfané; it’s a sharp-looking wedge of a car, with a back that’s reminiscent of an old Lambo—specifically, the Diablo, but of course updated, and even more dramatic in shape.

The Asfané is available as an all-electric, too, and that may be what’s most appealing about this hypercar. Frangivento is reticent with performance numbers at the moment, but it looks as though it’ll launch to 62 at a whiplash-inducing speed.

As a one-off departure from the Asfané, the Charlotte is a pretty fair conversation piece. It’s sporting a pretty acute sense of fluidity, and a lot less ski-parka red-and-silver than the Asfané you see below, all asnow in the Dolomites. The Charlotte is painted pearlescent, and is a roadster design with a foot in the past. Within is a good deal of polished and burled wood, and a design right out of the Futurismo Revival calendar for this year.

Wildly stylized, the Asfané Charlotte is more of a statement intended to make waves than a high-end toy for those unchallenged by the availability of considerable liquid assets; it’ll surely be featured in an upcoming coffee-table book on the more fascinating extremes of exotic car design.

For a car packing an aquarium, though, the Asfané Charlotte is noticeably short of fins. Maybe that’s because they’re inside the car.

The Asfané Charlotte is for sale for $1.6 million.

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