Introducing ‘Thage,’ a Ski-Equipped Husqvarna 256 Motorcycle Build

Introducing ‘Thage,’ a Ski-Equipped Husqvarna 256 Motorcycle Build

Published: March 30, 2017 | By: American Luxury Staff

Johan Nordin of 6/5/4 Motors got his hands on a super rare Husqvarna 256 motorcycle, which is the same model his father rode during his military service, so he decided to name it after him.

Husqvarna produced just 1,000 examples of the 256, a model that was designed especially for the Swedish defense force in 1968, but hard to find by the early 1980’s. Nordin’s father, Thage, passed on his 256-riding stories to his son, and in the history lies the tale.

Thage is equipped with skis that will pop up unless the rider keeps them pushed down with their feet. This can make changing gears tricky, so there is a hand-lever attached to the gear lever on the bike, allowing the rider to use the clutch with their left hand and change gears with their right. Sounds tricky, and it is, but part of the charm of a bike like this are its eccentricities.

Nordin and his 6/5/4 team definitely changed up the formerly very “military” green Husqvarna. The overall design of the bike has been altered by chopping and looping the rear of the frame; the front end received a new compact perch and fender. 6/5/4 also added longer shocks, new drum brakes, and fresh Maxxis tires to help complete the build.

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