For $13.9M, The ‘Passport to 50’ Private-Jet Excursion Promises the Trip of a Lifetime

For $13.9M, The ‘Passport to 50’ Private-Jet Excursion Promises the Trip of a Lifetime

Published: March 2, 2017 | By: American Luxury Staff

DreamMaker founder Gregory Patrick has been providing clients with once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences for almost 30 years, and now he and his company are offering their most comprehensive trip to date, the Passport to 50 around-the-world journey.

Passport to 50 will utilize a pair of Boeing Business Jets to take 50 lucky guests on a whirlwind tour around the globe: 20 cities in 20 days.

The 20 days won’t be packed full of too much sightseeing. Instead, Patrick has set up one-of-a-kind experiences along the way, which include stops in Marrakech, Florence, Barcelona, Havana, Koh Samui, and Manila, just to name a few.

An example of one of the experiences is a Downton Abbey-style dinner party in London, complete with era-appropriate fashions like custom-made Savile Row suits, and a visit from a member of the Royal Family.

Another experience includes hobnobbing with Cuban-born former MLB star Jose Canseco at a small park in Havana where locals like to gather to talk baseball.

“When you immerse people in an experience they will never forget, time becomes irrelevant,” Patrick explained about his journey’s itinerary. “If all we did was sightsee, they would have no lasting memory of the trip.”

That doesn’t mean that opportunities to deviate from the plan won’t be available. “Everything is possible,” Patrick said.

Passport to 50 won’t come cheap. The elaborate venture will cost $13.9 million.

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