Rolex LK 01 by Lenny Kravitz and Les Artisans de Genève

Rolex LK 01 by Lenny Kravitz and Les Artisans de Genève

Published: February 14, 2017 | By: American Luxury Staff

Fashion savvy musician and actor Lenny Kravitz can add watch design to his resumé thanks to his work with Swiss brand Les Artisans de Genève to craft the Rolex LK 01.

The original Rolex Daytona chronograph has undergone a metamorphosis at the hands of the Swiss aftermarket timepiece tuners and the final product is certainly from the mind of Lenny Kravitz.

The superstar didn’t want to change up the case and the basic workings of the watch, though.

“We’re basically finishing it the way I want using different colors and printing on the dial,” Kravitz said about his creation. “We also had the opportunity to add a sapphire back, to see the movement, which has not been done on a Daytona.”

Les Artisans de Genève sources steel and gold Daytonas from Rolex and then gives the case and the movement a black DLC and PVD treatment, along with a new 22-karat gold rotor that makes the gold on black design really pop. While doing this does void the Rolex warranty on the LK 01, Les Artisans des Genève will take care of any problems, should they arise.

The boxy leather strap complements the watch nicely and also serves as a Bluetooth-enabled speaker, though even the wearer would have a hard time noticing it. This lets the owners of the LK 01 use the unique timepiece as more of a go-everywhere device than a watch to hoard and lock-away when it isn’t in use.

Les Artisans des Genève will craft 55 examples of the LK 01, with each garnering a $37,800 price tag.

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