Mercedes-Maybach Unveils Its Beastly SUV, the 630-HP G650 Landaulet

Mercedes-Maybach Unveils Its Beastly SUV, the 630-HP G650 Landaulet

Published: February 14, 2017 | By: American Luxury Staff

As the initial sport-utility offering from Mercedes-Maybach, the G650 Landaulet (or back-seat only convertible) looks fairly unassuming from the exterior. Utilitarian. Spare. Boxy enough to look veldt-ready, with the associated clearance necessary on tap for roadless environs.

But with dimensions that make the standard G-Class look a little lacking, a massive 6.0L V12 that make the standard G-Class feel a little wanting, and an interior that swaddles driver and passengers in a luxurious cocoon of massaging, warming, entertaining alternate reality, the car is to be taken absolutely seriously as a top-of-the-pops luxury SUV. Beyond being outfitted with an engine that produces a walloping 630HP and an insistent 737 fl/lb of torque, the seats may be heated or cooled and, yes, will massage tired muscles. The first-class style leather-topped tables in the rear are retractable, the glass partition between the front and back sections of the cabin is adjustable to opaque, and two ten-inch high-resolution screens crown the smart amenities. The soft-top looks like a classic snap-it-yourself, but, of course, it’s pushbutton-automated.

The G650 boasts seventeen inches of ground clearance, and that’s a lot of ride height. Most luxury SUVs—including factory Land Rovers—top out at around a foot, with another two inches or so possible through customizing. Mercedes-Maybach wants to be sure the vehicle appeals to those who want more than a mobile living room out of an SUV; the G650 will tackle off-road, adverse weather, and deep snow with ease. And, by the look of it, without ruffling a single feather of its occupants.

Performance data and pricing of the G650 have not yet been revealed by Mercedes-Maybach. The model will be limited to 99 examples before it is discontinued.

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