New $55M, 6,200-Mile Gulfstream G600 Jet Takes to the Air

New $55M, 6,200-Mile Gulfstream G600 Jet Takes to the Air

Published: December 22, 2016 | By: American Luxury Staff

Gulfstream’s new extended-cabin, twin-turbine G600 business jet is one step closer to being brought to consumers after recently beginning its flight-test program.

According to the American aerospace company, the test flight took to the air and landed with no issues on December 17, taking off from Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport in Georgia and flying for just short of three hours.

Boasting an almost one-to-one length to wingspan ratio, the G600 measures in at 96-feet long and has a wingspan of 95-feet. It is set to replace the G450 in Gulfstream’s current private jet offerings and can be crewed by just two people and carry as many as 19 passengers.

Powering the G600 are a pair of Pratt & Whitney Canada PW815GA turbofan engines that give the jet a cruising speed of 647 mph. The G600 offers a range of 6,200 nm (7,135 miles).

There are two more Gulfstream G600s ready to take flight, with both having test flights scheduled soon after the turn of the new year.

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