World’s Smallest Wearable Camera Can Be Attached to Any Sunglasses

World’s Smallest Wearable Camera Can Be Attached to Any Sunglasses

Published: December 8, 2016 | By: American Luxury Staff

Just because Google Glass didn’t really take off doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for those looking to keep track of their surroundings with wearable eyeglass cameras.

Sure, Snapchat has the Snapchat Spectacles, but not all users will want to post videos to the social media platform.

Enter the PogoCam, which can attach to any pair of sunglasses or regular prescription glasses. The diminutive camera weighs under two dimes and can capture both still images and video content. There is a blinking light to indicate to everyone involved that the PogoCam is recording.

The PogoCam offers a five-megapixel resolution and has enough space to grab 100 still pictures and up to two minutes of continuous 720p HD video complete with audio.

Pictures and video footage from the PogoCam is easily transferred over to a smart device using Bluetooth, and it also only takes 30 minutes to recharge the battery.

PogoCam will make an appearance at CES 2017 this upcoming January, with the full release of the device slated for sometime next year.




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