Pagani Teams Up With Hermes for One-Off Huayra

Pagani Teams Up With Hermes for One-Off Huayra

Published: December 8, 2016 | By: American Luxury Staff

If you’ve been wondering what the well-dressed sportscar will be wearing this holiday season, Manny Khoshbin may have an answer or two. His singular Pagani coupe boasts a cockpit with couture appointments.

This particular Huayra coupe does look striking. It’s all dressed up in Pagani’s custom Tempesta package, and features a flashy Hermes runway makeover in their carefully selected leather, as well as upgraded exhaust and suspension. The shift knob bears the Parisian design company’s name, in case there was any doubt regarding authenticity. Khoshbin Instagrammed, “The car I admit sings to you as you push the throttle and lay back!” It must be love.

Having a look at the car itself, it’s easy to see why he’s so smitten. The color is akin to tarnished copper, or weathered bronze. The meta-engineered hypercar lines are as avant-garde aerodynamic as any consumer of cutting-edge exotics could hope them to be. The Huayra’s leaf-and-stem wing mirrors give the car a little dash of art nouveau. It’s a dramatic presence on the road, and suggests flight even when parked. The Huayra coupe features a custom, hand-made Mercedes-AMG V12 engine that produces 720HP. It was limited to 100 examples, making Khoshbin’s symbol of unabashed status that much more unusual.

Pagini has sold out of the Huayra coupe, but is planning on unveiling a roadster next year. The price will be in the low seven figures. No word on who might possibly design your own one-off interior.

If it’s a bespoke Aston you’re after, however, you’d do better to get Edward Sexton on the phone.





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