Noordung’s $8.7k Angel Edition Bike Offers Sleek Design, Portable Battery

Noordung’s $8.7k Angel Edition Bike Offers Sleek Design, Portable Battery

Published: December 6, 2016 | By: American Luxury Staff

Newly formed bicycle company Noordung has revealed its newest electric bike, the Angel Edition, which was based on the Slovenian brand’s N-02 prototype.

The Noordung Angel Edition will be offered in a pre-production mini series of 15 handmade examples that have been given tender love and care to come to fruition.

Supporting the motor that is designed to look like a gas tank on a café racer is a uniquely shaped carbon fiber frame, and powering the Angel Edition is a super-light electric motor that boasts a 20-mile range on a full charge.

This powerplant is special because it not only powers the pedal assistance of the e-bike, but it also can serve as a boombox for streaming music and as a portable charger for a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It can also analyze the air quality during a ride and advise riders to pedal where the air is cleaner. Oh, and it’s detachable and can be slung over a shoulder via a matching leather strap.

Other features of the Noordung Angel Edition include leather-wrapped handles, a Brooks leather saddle, Shimano Metrea gears, and front and rear disc brakes.








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