Google’s Jamboard Aims to Be the Ultimate Whiteboard

Google’s Jamboard Aims to Be the Ultimate Whiteboard

Published: November 3, 2016 | By: American Luxury Staff

Google’s online suite of business apps like Docs and Drive allow for instant collaboration on all types of projects. Now the innovative tech giant is taking collaboration to a new level with its newest creation: Jamboard.

The cloud-connected whiteboard that allows groups to work together and collaborate regardless of where they may be located.

The Google Jamboard is essentially a 55-inch 4K display that is used like a digital whiteboard. Users can draw out ideas with a stylus on the actual Jamboard in front of coworkers, and once drawn, any edits made are saved in the Google cloud in what is being called a Jam.

Users can also retrieve content from any of Google’s other collaborating apps, such as Google Docs.

With multiple Jamboards, companies with multiple locations, or even freelancers working away from an office can collaborate in real-time to offer ideas or examples from almost anywhere in the world.

Google will release Jamboard for under $6,000 during the first half of 2017. Companies like Netflix and Spotify are already testing Jamboard for Google. There is a signup list for Google’s early adopter program should any companies want to start Jamboarding together as soon as possible.







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