Omega Racer’s ‘Sunmaster 14’ Yamaha SR400 Customization

Omega Racer’s ‘Sunmaster 14’ Yamaha SR400 Customization

Published: July 31, 2016 | By: American Luxury Staff

Many tuners and shops have made the switch from using a Yamaha SR400 as a customizing base to the Honda CB750 and its R series. However, Markus Pintzinger from Bangkok, Thailand-based shop Omega Racer has gone back to the classics of sorts, with his new impressive creation based on an SR model called the Sunmaster 14.

While many would call Pintzinger’s new bike a café racer, he believes his souped up SR400 would hate that label.

“Don’t call me Café Racer!” Pintzinger said. “If this Yamaha SR400 could talk, that’s what she would say. People are quick to label everything out of the ordinary as café racers these days, but my bike is definitely not one. My inspiration comes from the racing bikes of the ’60s and ’70s, where every part had the specific objective of making the bike go faster. My goal was to create a motorcycle with simple, timeless lines and a clear racing purpose.”

The bike was rebuilt from bottom to top and took 18 months to complete as Pintzinger gathered parts from suppliers all around Thailand, where the builder and shop owner has lived for the past decade.

With everything from a rebuilt engine to a new fuel tank, a custom leather seat, and much more, the Sunmaster 14 is a fine example of how to re-do an SR model.











Photo credit: FAT Pictures

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