Circu’s Children’s Line Is the Furniture of Your Kids’ Dreams

Circu’s Children’s Line Is the Furniture of Your Kids’ Dreams

Published: July 31, 2016 | By: American Luxury Staff

Portuguese furniture brand Circu has come out with a new line called “Magical Furniture” for children hoping to live out their dreams in their own rooms.

One piece in the collection is the Little Mermaid bed, complete with a clamshell frame and internal lighting that Ariel would love to sleep in when she’s not serenading the sea below. The oversized bed measures in at 6.5-feet tall and costs about $16,000.

Another standout from the collection is the Fantasy Air Balloon, measuring a soaring 10 feet tall. The bottom converts to a sofa and has light and sound systems controlled by a mobile app, with the top balloon constructed from wood adorned with gold leaf detailing and a synthetic fur upholstery. This unit comes in at $29,000.

Not to be outdone is the Bun Van, a full-size re-creation of an actual vehicle that serves as a bed and fantasy room at the same time. It boasts storage, a TV, a sofa, and a mini-bar for a quick drink before bed. No, the Bun Van won’t drive off, but getting it in a lucky kid’s room will take a $43,000 check plus delivery.

Other smaller items in the “Magical Furniture” collection include a $4,200 gold-plated toy box and two-foot-wide Magical Mirror with a 19-inch TV inside to tell a child who is truly the fairest of them all.










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