Golf Carts Just Not Cutting It? Check Out Bubba Watson’s Jetpack

Golf Carts Just Not Cutting It? Check Out Bubba Watson’s Jetpack

Published: July 21, 2016 | By: American Luxury Staff

Golf can be a physically demanding sport without also having to lug around heavy equipment. This is where golf carts come in, but now golfers can enjoy an all-new high-tech flying golf cart.

The Golf Cart Jetpack is the world’s first flying golf cart created by Martin Aircraft Company, Oakley, and professional golfer Bubba Watson. Two time Masters champion Watson is known for pushing the boundaries, so it wasn’t out of character for him to join the team to develop the unique new jetpack.

“Much like Oakley, the Martin Jetpack brand has at its core the concepts of innovation, performance and design. Being a disruptive technology ourselves, we understand the drive behind disruptive marketing and we were able to adapt the Martin Jetpack’s cutting edge technology to create a golf cart that offers a bird’s eye view of the golf course,” said CEO and Managing Director of Martin Aircraft Company Peter Coker.

Interested golfers can check out a video of the impressive pre-production prototype.






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