Bowers & Wilkins Teams Up With Burberry for Gold Edition T7 Bluetooth Speaker

Bowers & Wilkins Teams Up With Burberry for Gold Edition T7 Bluetooth Speaker

Published: June 18, 2016 | By: American Luxury Staff

Luxury speakers don’t usually come in loud and bright colors, and that’s certainly true with Bowers & Wilkins new Gold Edition T7 Bluetooth speaker.

The high-end audio brand paired with luxury company Burberry to give the unique new speaker a completely luxe look to go with its crystal-clear sound. The T7 wowed back in 2014 thanks to its impressive performance, but the stylish makeover is definitely an upgrade for users hoping for a more posh look.

Burberry certainly rose to the challenge in its design for the powerful speaker. As its name implies, it’s decked out in plenty of gold with the choice of black or tan for the base color. Additionally, the English brand took the next step and designed special cases of black leather and tan suede.

The unique cases sport the Burberry name embossed in gold and feature a soft suede lining for the interior. Hand-finished in Italy, the cases are guaranteed to be high-quality. Bowers & Wilkins’ speaker includes the same feature set, which is not a bad a thing at all, in addition to a battery with 18 hours of playback time.

For those looking to add a luxury flair to their perfect sound, 200 T7 Gold Editions are available for $1,000 each at select Burberry stores.












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