Rimac Unveils 1,072-Horsepower Production Model of Its Electric Supercar

Rimac Unveils 1,072-Horsepower Production Model of Its Electric Supercar

Published: March 5, 2016 | By: American Luxury Staff

Five years after first showing its Concept_One electric supercar in Frankfurt, Rimac Automobili showed off the first production example at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

The Croatian company has made a limited number of Concept_Ones over the past five years, and though it hasn’t only been working on this one vehicle, the process of building the supercar is painstaking with nearly every piece of the bespoke car being hand-crafted for optimal performance.

The hard work paid off though, with incredible track times of zero to 62 mph in an eye-blinking 2.6 seconds, stop to 124 mph in 6.2 ticks, and to 186 mph in just a 14.2 second time. Rimac claims its car produces 1,072 horsepower and 1,180 pound-feet of torque. The Concept_One also has a top speed of 220 mph.

The Concept_One isn’t just about power; the car offers ultimate control with a separate motor for each wheel in addition to a crazy amount of accelerometers, wheel-speed sensors, gyroscopes, and more to charge the output to each wheel about 100 times per second.

The price for a Rimac Concept_One comes in at just under $1 million, but with so few of the model created, they’re sure to sell out in no time.









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