Bespoke Montblanc Figurado Creation Privee

Bespoke Montblanc Figurado Creation Privee

Published: February 6, 2016 | By: American Luxury Staff

Montblanc is known for offering some of the best writing instruments in the world, and now the Hamburg-based company is taking things a step further with its new Creation Privée line.

Each pen is a bespoke offering with personal touches based on the desires of each buyer, meaning each piece Montblanc creates becomes an individual work of art.

A look into the Creation Privée pen in question displays just how far Montblanc is willing to go to please its potential clients. The German company and the owner of the Figurado Creation Privée worked closely together to create a piece that looked just like a cigar, with the cap and pen body wrapped in the finest cigar leaves.

Designers had to find a new way to extract the oils from the cigar leaves before wrapping them so they wouldn’t cause problems later and also had to manufacture a cellulose coating to seal everything in. Montblanc even added a specially designed banderol for the top of the pen to completely replicate the real cigar-like look.

Montblanc had to create a special humidor-style box for its one-of-a-kind writing tool, along with a series of other custom pieces to go along with the unique pen.




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