You Can Now Summon Your Tesla to Come Pick You Up

You Can Now Summon Your Tesla to Come Pick You Up

Published: January 30, 2016 | By: American Luxury Staff

Tesla impressed the world last fall when its Version 7.0 software introduced a wide variety of autopilot features to enhance the convenience and safety of the vehicle. Now it has taken another step toward complete vehicle autonomy with the first edition of Summon as part of its 7.1 software update.

Model X and Model S owners now have the option of using Summon, which allows drivers to step out of the car and walk in their homes as their car does the rest, including opening the garage door, driving in, parking, and turning itself off. In the morning all drivers have to do is walk outside and summon their car, and it will open the garage door and come out ready to hit the road.

What Summon also does is open a new avenue for future applications. For example, drivers could have their car drive anywhere to meet them in the future. Tesla vehicles could even sync with drivers’ calendars and show up according to their schedules.

Tesla proves once again that it is many steps ahead of the competition in several respects. And if CEO Elon Musk’s recent $100 million stock purchase is any indication, the future looks very bright for the Silicon Valley-based automaker. Charge on, good people of Tesla; we applaud your innovation.




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