A Look Inside Embraer’s $83M ‘Skyacht One’ Jet

A Look Inside Embraer’s $83M ‘Skyacht One’ Jet

Published: January 9, 2016 | By: American Luxury Staff

Embraer’s new Skyacht One is changing modern air travel. The jet offers an air travel experience like no other and aims to make travelers feel like they’re on a superyacht.

Designer Eddie Sotto of SottoStudios worked to develop a palace in the sky that includes a master suite complete with a bathroom, a main cabin, a conference room, and a decorated chartroom.

Luxury details like a planetary clock and Fornasetti rug are included on the beautiful aircraft while visitors in the conference room should expect bejeweled controls and brass-inlaid window bezels.

Flyers certainly won’t be disappointed with the Macassar interiors, luxe details like silk Cellarius carpeting, and a bejeweed restroom complete with a walnut and gold sink.

Interested buyers should expect a price of at least $83 million.








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