Auto Tuner Vorsteiner Produces 24k Gold iPhone

Auto Tuner Vorsteiner Produces 24k Gold iPhone

Published: March 31, 2015 | By: American Luxury Staff

Better known as an auto tuner, Vorsteiner wants to get in on the ever-popular gold iPhone craze. They have teamed with Gold & Co London to create a custom iPhone 6 with a pure gold case.

Vorsteiner is not known for mobile phone customization. They normal specialize in creating kits for high-end luxury cars like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and Land Rover. However, they seem to have done a good job at transitioning to customizing a different type of luxury item.

The phone comes in a Gold & Co-designed box. Inside is a certificate of authenticity.

Vorsteiner has only shown off the phone in promotional images and no pricing or production details have been announced.








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