$605M Superyacht—the World’s Largest and Most Expensive—Spotted in Spain

$605M Superyacht—the World’s Largest and Most Expensive—Spotted in Spain

Published: January 30, 2015 | By: American Luxury Staff

The elusive Azzam, the world largest and most expensive superyacht, was recently spotted docked in Spain.

Azzam is 590 feet, surpassing the previous record holder, the Eclipse, by 59 feet. It was also significantly more expensive to build than the Eclipse. Though exact figures are kept under wraps, it is estimated that the superyact cost $605 million to build. It also was completed in a record time. Following a year of engineering, it only took three years to construct the vessel. It was finished in September of 2013.

She will travel over 32 knots using a combination of two gas turbines and two diesel engines that uniquely also utilize four pump-jets and round water outlets.

The giant yacht was commissioned by Khalifa Al Nahyan, the president of the United Arab Emirates. The ship was designed by architecture firm Nauta Yachts, based in Italy. French designer Christophe Leoni handled the interior decorating, though not much is known about the inside of the ship. In fact, much of the information about the yacht has been kept under wraps, including its current voyage schedule.












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