J.M.W Turner Masterpiece Sold for $47M

J.M.W Turner Masterpiece Sold for $47M

Published: January 6, 2015 | By: American Luxury Staff

A recent auction at London’s Sotheby’s saw a four-way bidding war for J.M.W Turner’s “Rome, from Mount Aventine” end in an anonymous telephone bidder winning by bidding $47 million.

The $47 million that the piece fetched now holds the record for the highest price paid at an auction for a painting created before 1900 by a British Artist.

“Rome, from Mount Aventine” is considered to be Turner’s greatest accomplishment. It was painted in Italy in 1828.

Turner has been enjoying a resurgence in the popularity of his art with the popular biopic Mr. Turner recently seeing a wide theatrical release.



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