LG Gizmopal Keeps Little Ones Safe and Connected

LG Gizmopal Keeps Little Ones Safe and Connected

Published: December 11, 2014 | By: American Luxury Staff

Children can never be too safe but they also need a little independence. The Gizmopal form LG allows children to have the freedom to go to a friend’s house or play on the playground while the parent can constantly track where they are.

The Gizmopal works by connecting a device that your child wears on their wrist with an Android and iOS compatible app. The app will send you the real-time location of your child. The app will also show the battery life of the Gizmopal and your child’s frequently visited locations. There is also a function that allows the wearer to call two people that are programmed into the device by a parent prior to use. Parents can also call the device and with the 10-second auto-answering function there is no longer an “I didn’t hear the phone ring” excuse.

The Gizmopal is available in both pink and blue and weights only 1.48 ounces so it is comfortable to wear. It costs around $80 and goes on sale nationwide on Dec. 11.





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