QVC Mogul Puts Beverly Hills Mansion on the Market for $25M

QVC Mogul Puts Beverly Hills Mansion on the Market for $25M

Published: August 2, 2014 | By: American Luxury Staff

B. Makowsky, the home-shopping mogul who made a fortune selling purses on QVC, has put his Beverly Hills mansion on the market.

The  12,500-square-foot home is located in the exclusive gated community of North Beverly Park. The architecture is in the style of a Tuscan villa.

The mansion has eight bedrooms, iron gates at the entry way, limestone floors, and a hidden library only accessible by a spiral staircase that is tucked away from sight.

Also on the acre of property is a guesthouse that is two stories and 10,000 square feet, and has its own private gym, sauna, and massage room.

The house is listed with an asking price of $25 million.

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