Transparent Speaker By People People

Transparent Speaker By People People

Published: July 5, 2014 | By: American Luxury Staff

The designers at People People have created the Transparent Speaker, a set of speakers set in a glass speaker box.

The glass-based design allows the speaker to easily match any room in your home. The Transparent Speaker also has nonexistent wires, as it is compatible with any wireless device.

The 3-inch drivers and 6.5 inch subwoofer sound high-quality despite going against the norm, being set in a glass box. Users also have control of the sound with the aluminum control panel that allows listeners to adjust the volume, treble, and bass.

For those who are ecologically inclined, it should be noted that this sound system is completely recyclable and all parts are replaceable, which is both convenient and environmentally friendly.

You can preorder a Transparent Speaker for $849 completely assembled. If you are more of a do-it-yourselfer you can purchase a build kit for $550.


Photo: Ariel Zambelich/Wired



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