Bentley Home Collection

Bentley Home Collection

Published: April 13, 2014 | By: American Luxury Staff

Of all the luxury carmakers that are getting into the luxury furniture market, Bentley has worked the hardest to produce the biggest variety of furniture. The Bentley Home Collection is making Bentley a brand not only synonymous with luxury vehicles but furniture as well.

“It is a signature moment for Bentley’s entire Home Collection to be exhibited at the Salon del Mobile in Milan,” Kevin Rose, a board member for sales and marketing at Bentley, said. “The collection embodies Bentley’s emergence as a modern high luxury brand. It combines sophisticated materials with contemporary design and the ultimate in bespoke craftsmanship. This exciting collaboration captures the shared values of Bentley and Luxury Living, with unrivalled attention to detail and a stunning translation of the timeless style of the brand into home and executive suite interiors.”

The latest from the Bentley Home Collection is made up of shades of mocha, ice, grey, quartz, taupe, and cognac combined with purple-red, burgundy, brick red, and a variety of blue colors.  All the furniture in the collection is crafted from exotic materials and leather.

Among the highlights are the Butterfly Sofa with its pinstriped interior, cognac leather, and quilted fine grey wool. It carries a price tag of $14,880.

The Kensington Royce Armchair boasts a comfortable shape and is clad in grey leather. This chair is priced at $18,040.

The Ambassador Cabinet is designed to compliment any living or office area.  It features exposed doors with smoked glass.  It will give the space it is in a contemporary feel.  There is also a chestnut door design for a more classic look. The Ambassador Cabinet carries a $33,640 price tag.

To step out of the living room, the Maddeley Table shows that Bentley can also do dining rooms.  This sturdy, oval-shaped table features a trapezoid base that is adorned in leather. The table top is crafted from chestnut briarwood.  The Maddeley Table costs $30,820.

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