Dali-inspired Sheep-Table

Dali-inspired Sheep-Table

Published: February 28, 2014 | By: American Luxury Staff

The bizarre, surrealist paintings of Salvador Dali may not seem to be the most conventional source of inspiration for interior design, but Barcelona Design has created a table inspired by the piece “Interpretation Project for a Stable-Library.”

The strange painting features a woman using sheep as a blanket and a bed.  Beside her is a bed stand table and drawer made out of a sheep.  The table is what Barcelona Design has brought to life. The table was crafted with the help of an expert taxidermist who used to work with Dali.  In other words, it is made from an actual taxidermied sheep.  This table and drawer sheep is topped off with real bronze hooves.

There are only 20 of these tables available in white.  There is also a black sheep edition that is limited to just one.  The bizarre table costs $82,000.

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