Glamour Beetle Armchair

Glamour Beetle Armchair

Published: November 11, 2013 | By: American Luxury Staff

The Glamour Beetle Armchair combines baroque furniture styling with the iconic design of the 1960s Volkswagen Beetle.

The result of a collaboration between car-enthusiast Andrea Colombo and Linda Assandri from ZAC Glamour Design, the Glamour Beetle Armchair uses real 1968 Volkswagen Beetle parts. It also features plush upholstery, Swarovski crystals, and LED headlights.

The armchair offers several different finishing options and a variety of colors for the upholstery. It carries a price tag of about $10,760. For an additional charge you can have the chair finished in real 24k gold or silver.

Glamour Beetle Armchair, Baroque Style

Glamour Beetle Armchair, Red Upholstery

Glamour Beetle Armchair, Stairs


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