Carbon Fiber Desk

Carbon Fiber Desk

Published: November 7, 2013 | By: American Luxury Staff

John & Table’s Race Table is manufactured the same way as many race cars and sports cars—carbon fiber on the outside with high-tech foam on the inside.

The table features leather and Alcantara accents. The high-gloss finish and high-end carnauba wax make the black carbon table top shimmer. Other features include a plate you can have your name engraved on and high-quality drawer linings. The stitching, embroidery, materials, and paint used are all customizable.

The price tag on John & Table’s Race Table reads $53,000.

Carbon Fiber Desk, Drawer

Carbon Fiber Desk, Lining

Carbon Fiber Desk, Accessories

Carbon Fiber Desk, In use

Carbon Fiber Desk, Metal plate

John & Table

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