Petiole Hammock

Petiole Hammock

Published: October 13, 2013 | By: American Luxury Staff

The Petiole Hammock has a unique design that is the product of 20 years of development.

This award-winning hammock is handmade in Sweden.  It features a canopy that blocks 86 percent of UV rays.  It can support up to .25 tons and has enough room to comfortably fit two people.  It measures 145 2/3″ L x 114″ H x 98 1/2″ W.

The Petiole Hammock costs $35,000.

Petiole Hammock, The Hammock's Bed

Petiole Hammock, Close Up of Canopy
Petiole Hammock, Canopy's Support Bar


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